Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Weekly Question Feb. 26 2013

Hi!! As some of you may have heard, I was in a skiing accident and fractured my pelvis. Nothing serious, but enough to keep me on crutches for at least two weeks. With all of the excitement around here I totally forgot about The Weekly Question!!! The results from last week's question...

What is your favorite MAG outfit from the 2013 AG spring release???

 The choices and results were...

Sweet Spring Dress...
  3 votes
Plaid Party Dress...
  4 votes
Cycling Outfit...
  6 votes
Easy Breezy Outfit...
  7 votes
Lots of Dots Bath Wrap...
  4 votes

We totaled 10 people who voted and 24 votes total... remember that you can vote for more than one item!!!

Now for this week's question...

What is your favorite MAG accessory from the spring 2013 release?

Cast your vote as soon as possible!! I will post the results, and the new question every week when I change it. If you would like to submit a  doll-related question and up to five possible answers (you can pick more than one when you vote) please leave a comment and it will appear in the weeks to come!!

Check back next week for results and the new question. Thanks!!!
~Hannah (the human)


  1. I voted for the Easy Breezy Outfit!

    1. Also this week I voted for the Trail Bike! It's super cute!

  2. Oh, my goodness!
    So sorry to hear about your skiing accident. I hope your recovery is swift and complete.
    Rest easy!

  3. Cool!
    I sell crocheted doll hats and scarves made by me for $8 each, email me if your interested!! :D idanielley@yahoo.com

  4. Awesome! Your blog is great, Hannah!


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