Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweetheart Skirt Set!

Wow,it has been a long time from the last time I blogged!! Sorry! As Valentines Day is coming up, I wanted to show everyone the retired 2007 Sweetheart Skirt Set. It came with a white sleeveless top with eyelet lace and hot pink ribbon details, a pink skirt with hot pink embroidered flowers, pink crocheted espadrilles, two hot pink heart hair clips, a hot pink purse, and a pink scarf. When I got this at age 7 my favorite part was the pink espadrilles. I received the outfit for Easter one year and almost immediately the stitching that held the shoe straps in a criss-cross shape broke. I was devastated but thankfully my mom sewed it back together. When the other pieces broke in the back she fixed them too. Thanks Mom!! Anyway, I think I only have one original tie remaining. Now for the pictures...

the scarf, I personally like it better without the scarf

 Hairstyle... two mini braids clipped together on the back of the head...

And finally a special valentines day shout-out to my bff!!! Luv ya always!!! 

Thanks for reading!!! Keep checking back for more posts!!!
~Hannah (the human) 


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  2. That is really, really cute!
    I see you have Licorice too. Very nice!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Who is your best friend?

    1. Iman is one of many of my best friends

    2. Aww thanks a bunch Hannah you are one of mine too! Luv ya bunches!


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