Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Break!!

Ugh, don't you feel so sluggish when you are in the last few hours of winter break??? All I feel like doing is nothing, even though I have many more productive options. With the start of school tomorrow means the start of after school activities, and I will try to keep up with everything. I'm sorry for no Saturday Sites this week but Liz at American Girl Fan did a shout-out your doll site yesterday, which I thought made up for no Saturday Sites. Check it out here!!!! Well that's it for today. By the way, I made a messenger bag with two pockets and two colors of felt. Should I do a tutorial??? It is a very easy beginner project that can be made harder depending on what you want. Please leave a comment with your opinion!!! Thanks!!
Bye for now!!
~Hanna (the doll)

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